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Chilli cornbread – thanks to Ian Norris

A wonderful chilli cornbread recipe from a guest blogger.  Looks absolutely delicious!

50g butter

150g self raising flour

1 tbsp caster sugar

1tsp sea salt

2tsp baking powder

½ tsp black pepper

150g cornmeal

2 medium eggs, beaten

300ml milk

1 deseeded and chopped green chilli

2 tbsp chopped basil

  1.  Melt the butter.  Preheat the oven to 180oC/ Gas Mark 4.  Grease a 20cm x 10cm loaf tin with a little of the melted butter.
  2. Sift the self raising flour,  caster sugar, sea salt and baking powder into a large bowl and stir in the black pepper and 150g cornmeal.
  3. Using a whisk, mix in the eggs, milk and rest of the butter to form a smooth batter.  Fold in the chilli and basil.  Pour into the tin. Bake in the oven for about 40-45 minutes, until golden brown. Test with a skewer

Homemade French Dressing

This French dressing recipe is delicious. It’s easy to make and tastes so much nicer than shop bought dressings.

Peel and finely chop ¼ of a clove of garlic • Put the garlic, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons of white or red wine vinegar (I always use white wine vinegar) and 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into a jar with a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper • Put the lid on the jar and shake well.

It’s that easy 🙂



Tomato and mozzerella salad

Slice four juicy beef tomatoes, and some mozzerella.  Arrange nicely on a plate and add plenty of basil leaves. Drizzle with olive oil and a pinch of flaked sea salt. Voila! Another easy and tasty dish.

Brown rice and vegetables

A great summer recipe, and the perfect accompaniment for bbq food.

Steam brown rice and over/above the rice steam some mixed vegetables – frozen can be used or fresh if you have them.  I used a fixture of carrots, peas and sweetcorn but you can use whatever takes your fancy. Add drained beans – any kind will do and sliced celery for a bit of crunch.

If you want to make a dressing, mix olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper, whole grain mustard, garlic, parsley and lemon juice – taste to make sure this suits your preference and then drizzle over when ready to serve.