Turkey & Bacon Red Pesto Fusilli (for 2)

Fusilli Pasta – 200g
3 slices Smoked Bacon, chopped
Turkey Steaks – 200g (bite size chunks)
Creme Fraiche – 2tbsp
Olive Oil – 3tbsp
1/2 Green Chilli, chopped
Red Pesto 1 – 2tsp

1. Boil the Pasta using the packet instructions.

2.Heat the Oil in a pan for a couple of minutes then add the Turkey Steaks.  Let the Turkey cook for a few minutes then add the smoked Bacon.

3. The Chilli needs to be added about a minute before the Turkey and Bacon is ready.

4. Take the pan off the heat when the Turkey and Bacon have finished cooking then drain the Pasta.

5. Add the Pasta to the pan and stir in the Red Pesto.

6. Give the pan a little heat and stir in the Creme Fraiche to help it melt.

7. Add Salt and Pepper to season and serve with a Side Salad or Garlic Bread or both…!

This is great quick mid week meal as it’s so easy to make and tastes great.

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